Everything really is the best in the West…British Columbia Skiing…

Pow Pow Powder Highway

If you ask anybody on a ski hill in Ontario most will say that to ski in British Columbia is their ultimate dream, it’s like Everest for climbers. And after 14 years of skiing in Ontario, Quebec, and Northern Vermont, I was finally able to realise that dream when the BC Tourism Board invited a few lucky Flight Centre travel agents to go and experience why the west really is the best if you’re looking for world class skiing conditions in Canada.

So, I got on a plane and along with 7 other Flight Centre agents, witnessed from December 9-14 what I can only describe as paradise. The first big shock was that you weren’t having to line up for 15 minutes to get on a chair lift that takes you a maximum 4 minute ride to reach the top. These are real mountains! The line-ups were non-existent, the runs seemed to go on endlessly, and the best part about it?; while you’re on a run, skiing down to base or another lift, the scenery isn’t clouded by pollution, light poles, or views of the city in the distance. You’re truly alone with nature.

Rays of direct sunlight caught us when the sun would peek out from behind the 30 foot tall trees, all caked with snow, and the only blur in our vision was from the snow blowing or the clouds themselves, and whether we looked left or right, all that we saw were other mountains lined with deep green trees and countless feet of fresh snowfall. The views were of a scene that you can only associate with a winter wonderland.

Over the course of the next few days we were able to ski on Fernie, Panorama, Kicking Horse and Revelstoke in British Columbia – each day falling in love with the mountain we were on. I would personally recommend each and every single mountain to anyone who loves the feeling of a good leg workout after a day on the hill. Each resort offers everything from easy runs, for beginners still finding their snow legs, to the challenge of an untouched freshly powdered bowl for the adrenaline driven risk takers who appreciate these unique runs. Though we were only able to get in four days of skiing, I definitely cannot look at a hill in Ontario the same way. I’ve already planned my next ski trip to British Columbia for this month. That’s the beauty about living in Canada; my paradise is only a short flight, car ride, and lift ticket away.