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...pyramids, fellucas, temples and a piece of heaven - Egypt...

1 country down – 19 to go

I hope this posting finds you all in good health and life is good as summer winds down in North America.
Just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know I have safely made it through 1 of the 20 countries I am exploring until January.
I have been in Egypt the last two weeks, and as AMAZING as it has been I would never recommend anybody travel to this part of the world in the heat of August – come November instead. It has literally been about 47 degrees Celsius in the shade every single day and there’s no escaping the dehydration and lethargy that comes with.

This country, the second time around with luggage and not being sick, is magnificent – the people are shockingly hospitable and friendly, and if you can handle a cruise port in Mexico then the handlers here are a joke.  I have been travelling with a group of about 16 people and have done everything from sail down the Nile for 3 days on a felucca (old Nubian tribe style wind powered sailboat), climb Mount Sinai, dive the red sea and eat enough pita bread to make any part of the Danforth proud. I have realised that adventures are really best shared with people as there is something to be said about content silences when you’re witnessing beauty in life (we went to Abu Simbel for a day – will post those photos later)

This email is going to be a bit short as I have been up for 36 hours straight (its 9 46 here and we started climbing Sinai at midnight yesterday after an entire day by the pool – the climb was great – we got there just in time for Sunrise – shockingly though the big G didn’t command any lottery numbers to me ;)

I am just finishing my last night here in Dahab before a 4 am bus ride back to Cairo (I am not sure if it’s because it’s Ramadan or simply Egypt but they LOVE their early mornings) where I will spend two days sleeping, tanning further (I already am on par with Jay Z) and mentally prepping myself for my trip on Thursday to Nairobi where I will start my ascent up Kilimanjaro.

I will try to send more later when I am not in a post red bull induced coherent coma :)

lil miss planet

I’ve attached photos of myself (of course!!! some modesty is so hard to leave at home) in Dahab – which is my new paradise on earth – think Tulum but with camels
and one atop Sinai which was mind blowing and after four days of being a beach bum and diving really makes you realise how grateful we are to be young, fit, and able to climb mountains….

with parting words

Why live a life ordinary when you can live a life EXTRAordinary