Back From Kili

...back from Kili - and ready to take on the world...

Will write a detailed account later as I only have 20 minutes before I leave for Uganda and can’t even try to describe my week on top.

I unfortunately didn’t summit (Mother Nature defeated me) but did make it up to 5400 metres (495 vertical metres before the summit and about 8 km to go). Do not however regret my decision to turn around as it likely saved my life – as the next 24 hours after my u turn were the worst I have ever experienced in my life – altitude sickness is not something I ever want to experience again, so if anyone is trying it, never underestimate the power of a mountain, because ultimately it is in charge, not your body.

I will return next summer and will claim victory then, in the mean time, just wanted to say hello – I am LOVING Africa, especially Tanzania and cant wait to go back there in three weeks.

I will email everyone again shortly just wanted to say happy birthday to the ones I have missed or will miss – namely Andrew, Rob, Hoofa, Ryan, Miles, Sandy Clair, Joe, Will and anyone else I missed xoox all the best.


I have attached a photo – I originally wanted to takes this at Uhuru peak at the submit, however didn’t make it and only at about 4200 m altitude was I coherent enough to remember who I was and took this photo.

p.s. I will be coming back to summit next summer and the porters/cooks here have next to nothing so if any of you have winter clothing unwanted or doesn’t fit, please put it aside I will gladly take it off your hands and bring it here or ship it here, especially if you have winter boots you don’t need. One of the porters climbed in old converse shoes – it’s minus 30 up there there is NO WAY this is comfortable.

xo miss you all and will write soon

lil’ miss planet