…Further Notes on SkyDiving…

i am NOT a poet - to clarify - but somebody else is and described Skydiving PERFECTLY

Just thought I would share this because I love it

“you must jump to know
no words can describe the incredible rush when the wind
invites you to play
you are one of the few
for a brief moment you doubt.
but the doubt is short lived
as gravity pulls you from the safety of the plane
you understand.
no turning back now
but who would want to???
The dream of human flight
you know what it means to SKYDIVE”

on a plus note I am having lunch quickly while I wait to be picked up for an afternoon of quad biking through the desert and along the Atlantic coast.

I spent the morning sand boarding and eating LOT of sand as I put my finest snowboard skills to use which was amazing but the lack of chair lift and 25 min hike up after each run is going to hurt my thighs when I wake up tomorrow


lil miss eating sand