that feeling we call love :)

a smile worth sharing from Cuba

so in lieu of valentines day and all of the magic and love that is heightened one day a year – I wanted to share with you a picture that always makes my heart smile <3

This was taken in Trinidad, Cuba in 2005 during one of my 13 trips to this magical island.

Everytime I see this I smile.

How happy and healthy this little girl is just takes me back to being there and having her family welcome me into her home and I am filled with love so Happy Valentines Day to everyone, and if you are looking for a heartwarming I strongly suggest this magical island where, I think, people have more heart than anywhere else I have been in the world. It is a place where people have next to nothing but their spirits, and those shine through brightly while they surround themselves with love and as a culture embrace you with open arms and welcome you into their lives.

Each time I have been I have met new families and after being welcomed into their homes and hearts I left Cuba with more love in my heart and a firmer understanding that with family and love – especially with love – we can make it through each problem in our day.

So today, on Valentine’s Day

…think of your family, whomever, wherever, and however they may be, remember to love and know that you are loved and know that with love in our hearts we can change the world <3

to my family of friends worldwide – happy valentines day

x lil miss planet