…inviting myself to the Royal Wedding…

I spent this last long weekend (February 18-22) in London, UK to explore the city a little bit and remind […]

I spent this last long weekend (February 18-22) in London, UK to explore the city a little bit and remind myself what Europe is like in the winter (I haven’t been on a non summer visit since I was a toddler)… and I loved every single minute of it.

Now I have to be honest, I did receive a complimentary upgrade to business class for my trans atlantic flight over, which MAY have put a permanent rainbow over my weekend…but everything, including the fog, mist and rain that London greeted me with was perfect.

Walking the streets of London reminds me why I love travelling, while there are the familiar sights you see anywhere – i.e. MacDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and what not you can turn a corner and history will stare you straight in the face. I loved walking around the city and seeing Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Tower Bridge – the sights mixed with the grey skies, rain and never ending chimneys on rooftops made me feel like I was reliving a Dickens’ novel.

I had travelled to London before a few years back in the summer (main difference is that the sky is blue and not grey) and loved it then so I thought this time I would go back and see some of the sites I missed out on last time – I also went to visit some friends I have met on my travels from Cape town, Egypt, Zimbabwe, and Thailand who have all ended up in and around the London area :)

Great friends met in various parts of the world :)

My first stop was at my future Grandmother In Law’s House (you may know it as Buckingham Palace), where sadly the changing of the guards was not taking place so all we got to do is take photos from behind a fence of where the royal family lives (Yes I know – I am equally appalled that I wasn’t invited in for tea) – I tried calling out through the gate to no success – hoping next time I come Harry will roll out the red carpet – haha. From Buckingham Palace there is a beautiful stroll you can take that goes along the Princess of Wales walk that runs parallel to the river and surrounds you with beautiful scenery and wildlife – you wouldn’t think you were in central London when you see the amount of beautiful swans :)

open up Grandma!!!!

Anywho after day spent walking around the Thames Banks’ taking photos on an otherwise gloomy day I was treated to a lovely dinner by my friends Danniell and Erin (whom regretably I didn’t get a photo of) and they treated me to my first of many servings of Yorkshire pudding – get this! Apparently it is not pudding- why they mislead you and prepare you for something sweet is beyond me…but these little puff pastries of butter are amazing – however I must note that he homemade gravy and roast were superb – the novelty of the pudding baffles me –  this photo is from google images because I didn’t take any – not what you would think pudding looks like – I am trully amazing by these and will likely go on a Yorkshire pudding diet for the month of march:


photo cred: http://living-by-chance.blogspot.com/

I feel like my blog entries are making me very hungry at the moment so I will run off to dinner but I had a great time in London – saw the London Eye – saw Westminister Abby – visited the Tate Museum as well as the Easter Egg where my friend Craig works (this is actually a very cool building I believe it is name after a pickle so if you google the Gherkin on St. Mary’s you will see why I call it the Easter Egg).

Yes great time in London had by all and discovered an amazing part of London this time by the Camden Locks – love it there – will revisit.

Sorry for the short and sloppy blog post (ironically kind of fitting for my stay in London – lets just say the British like their drink) I will end now and off to find some sort of buttery pastry to pour gravy on… I am off to New York tomorrow so I promise that post will be somewhat more captivating.



<3 you all ways,

lil miss planet


p.s all of my London photos as well as all of my photos from my other trips are now available on the website under the Photos tab on top – yep technology – I’m rocking it!