…in a New York minute…

This post, like my stay in Manhattan, will be short and sweet… Centre of the Universe Yesterday (February 28th 2011) […]

This post, like my stay in Manhattan, will be short and sweet…

Centre of the Universe

Yesterday (February 28th 2011) I had a day off between jobs and a free ticket to New York (bought as a dummy segment to my London flight) so I decided to fly into the big smoke for 9 hours before I took the overnight bus back to Toronto.

Some of you may think it’s insane to fly to New York for 9 hours but this is one of my favorite cities in the world and even two hours there helps re spark up your dreams, ambitions and positive energy.

That and through all of my travels I have always made good friends who are from New York – this time I was fortunate enough that two of them (whom I haven’t seen since Jordan in 2008) were able to accommodate their schedules to my last minute decision to fly to New York <3

I am a very very very lucky girl to have the friends that I have :)

Chris, Myself and Michael in Times Square


Yes it’s polluted and yes it’s dirty but I love it – everything – absolutely everything about it


Here is a quick list of the things I love about New York City:


1. That the subways are super old and the rats are the size of small dogs (here in Toronto we only get mice) and YES this is something I love about Manhattan you can recognise a New York City subway rat anywhere.

2. I love that in China town (or basically between Canal and Lafayette off Broadway) you can buy anything your heart desires from designer purses, to knock off Tiffany’s, to stolen designer goods, to perfume that will likely give you a rash but there is rarely anything on Canal St that is over $25

3. I love the $3 Shawarma you can buy on the street prepared fresh for you with fried onions and tzatziki sauce that is so garlic heavy that no amount of mints or toothpaste will help the smell or taste for at least a day

4. I love that you can start walking up broadway and say you’re only going to walk a few blocks before you hop in a cab and the next thing you know is that you’ve walked half a city because you were so mesmerised

5. I love that the restaurant term “86″ comes from the Waldorf Astoria hotel because way back when the N.Y. Sirloin steak was number 86 on their menu and they kept selling out – so now if you work at a restaurant to 86 something means that it is no longer available.

6.I love Times’ Sqaure. Regardless what day of the year, what time of day, and regardless what the weather is like – it is soo lit up that it is always daylight.

7. One of my favorite things in Times’ Square is that you can walk into Toys R Us and ride a ferris wheel <3

8. It is probably one of the only cities in the world where the library has public toilets so fancy most airport lounges are put to shame (there’s fresh flowers, automatic seat cover dispensers, and marble countertops, and even brass door handles)

There are hudnred’s more things about New York City I could list that I love – but this was supposed to be short. The number one thing is the city itself – and the attitude both it’s residents and it’s culture have adopted saying “Hey, I’m from New York – Don’t mess with me” which is so contagious and really makes you feel like you can achieve anything your that your heart desires.

New Yorkers walk with their heads held high, they are very polite, but they know what they want and refuse to compromise anything for their dreams to come true… I <3 it and cant wait to return.


off to sleep now – already missing the city that doesn’t sleep

x lil miss planet

New York Public Library

ohhh click here — New York, New York – Frank Sinatra