a city missing its soul

hello world, I feel like i have been neglecting my writing and my travelling, having been sick the last month […]

hello world,

I feel like i have been neglecting my writing and my travelling, having been sick the last month I have had few moments of inspiration to write but I promise that will change.

To start I am going to write about my weekend – thought I doubt it is on anyone’s top ten lists of places to see, I spent my Saturday in Detroit… yes Rock City… KISS once sang that “you gotta lose your mind in Detroit Rock City”.

While i don’t know how much mind loss is required – you certainly clear your mind as you drive through what was once the U.S.A’s 5th most populous city and now resembles a ghost town. From the moment you cross the bridge over from Canada you are surrounded by an overwhelming sense of neglect – it’s almost a city that needs a hug to try to make it smile.


This building was burned during the Detroit Riots of 1967

It really is sad – I mean ever since the original gas crisis of the early 70s Detroit’s heavy dependency on the automotive market has caused it to become a city who’s economy has suffered parallel to the attempt of stabilizing oil prices – though in all fairness even up until earlier this past decade there was a substantial push to revive it with three major casino’s opening up and hosting the 2006 Superbowl and World Series to try to pump some blood back into it’s economy.

These were are sadly failed attempts. The economy has slowly seen some good publicity for the hip hop talent it has produced in the last two decades – but that is sadly the only consistently good export from this area.

8 Mile Rd – known as the divider between the bad and worse parts of town

You drive around now and find beautiful houses either burned up, abandoned, boarded up or occupied by masses of homeless people who suffered first hand with the collapse of the US’s domestic automotive market during the last 7 years.  Even across the border on the Canadian side you have the city of Windsor which in 2000, boosted one of the highest incomes per capita in our country, and now hosts the highest unemployment rate per capita – it is a sad sad tale.

Any who, while I do not frequently cross the boarder over – this time was simply to purchase some canvas and art supplies -but despite the destitute of the cities – it was a gorgeous day – and if you find yourself with some spare change in your pocket it is probably the ONLY CITY IN THE WORLD where for $500 you can likely purchase a four bedroom three story home in the downtown core.



Graffitti amongst abandoned buildings

Graffitti amongst abandoned buildings

It is sad just how abandoned this city is.

Buildings just look sad and the downtown area itself – once globally known as Motown and a huge cultural influence reputable for its music, talent, and vibe has now become a place so dangerous that even in broad daylight most people will drive through red lights and stop signs because car jacking isn’t even a chance you take – its a probability you face.

The equivalent of Yonge St in Toronto – deserted at 1pm on a Saturday

It really is sad – luckily we were there during the daylight – but there was a feeling of eeriness driving through a megacity that from across the water looks futuristic and promising but in reality is dying – if not already dead and has a strange sense of calm in it’s empty streets, piles of garbage, abandoned buildings, and failed enterprises.


another abandoned building downtown Detroit - would probably sell for $1500

This is a city so rich in cultural and civil history that I do hope the government does follow through with their promises to revive it so it can provide the future generations with decades of history lessons versus serving as an example of an economic failure <3


GM World (or the muti-building GM complex greeting you when you cross into Michigan)

Next post will be happier and sunnier I promise


x lil miss planet