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as some of you may or may not know, I have spent the past few weeks in a state of confusion, not so much with what to do, but more so with how to go about doing it…


my trip last to Africa awoke something within my heart that taught me the true meanings of compassion, hope, love and living…so since I have been back I have known that I want to return to give back to a continent that defined to me what the true meaning of love is in this world (and to me that is seeing a child, who has absolutely nothing, not even access to clean drinking water – come up to you and squeeze your hand, simply because you have tears in your eyes and they want you to smile)

these are the two girls who came outside while i was crying and put a smile on my face - simple gesture with them taking my hand - no common language and no words spoken - just a smile and a twinkle in their eye :)

two lovely young ladies who came and held my hand when they saw me crying

regardless, I have been confused and came back and couldn’t relate to North American society, capitalism, commercialism, greed and endless spending to fill voids with materialistic things. I know that I want to awake the child within myself, the one who as a young girl bandaged up a teddy bear after it was hurt in a fire because I thought “if you put a band-aid on it the pain will go away and Teddy will smile”. I want to look at the world with Bambi eyes again and know that I will make a difference.


This week has been an emotional roller coaster – between leaving my job, being sick, and trying to make a career choice I was informed about the Roadside Zoo in Alberta called Guzoo.

Basically what happened was a few people, animal lovers, stopped by this zoo over the weekend and posted some photos of the horrifying conditions that these animals are living in. If any of you follow me on twitter or facebook you know that I immediately became very vocal and started standing up for the animals and together with people from around the world – we drew the media attention that was required to help start a formal investigation by the government of Alberta and various Animal Rights groups… now I am getting off topic (Google Guzoo Zoo and you will see what the uproar was about and please sign the petition if you feel as strongly about this as I do).

Anyways, back to this GuZoo thing, this was the first time since I came back from my trip that I felt alive inside and it reminded me about being a little girl and knowing I can change the world – so, to try to make this story make sense. I went to go see a lecture at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto tonight by Dr. Jane Goodall.

This woman, who is so petite you almost want to put her in your pocket to keep her with you, is nothing short of a hero.

She has paved the way for young women worldwide to break the mold, follow their dreams, and make a difference in a society where situations may not otherwise seem hopeful. She is my idol, inspiration, a fellow traveler, and I truly love her as a humanitarian for everything she has done in Africa. Working with the animals, people, education, and her foundation helping women empower themselves into self sustainable economic positions to feed their families through micro-financing, Dr Jane Goodall has spread the message of love and hope across world.

In East Africa, in an area of the world that is very politically unstable, volatile and untrustworthy of foreign influence she has managed to create a harmony between Man and Nature through her work with Primates that has held strong despite revolutions, uprisings, guerrilla warfare, genocide and climate change.

Again veering off path, tonight I got to meet her and listen to her speak for an hour as well as have a few mins of her time, she had some great things to say. Most importantly what stuck with me (as I question which road to follow) is that this is the life you lead – the choices you make result in opportunities created by you and for you.

So friends, all of you – if you are struggling with a decision, just do it – the only cost to you is the opportunity loss if you give up your dreams because you think there is something standing in your way.

Break down your barriers and start living the reality your dreams are made of <3



Here is the quote from Dr. Jane Goodall that brought me to tears tonight:

“You have a choice ever day to make a difference,

choose the difference you wish to make”

- Jane Goodall


So after a wordy post, haha, I just wanted each of you to know that what we are sometimes searching for in life to find peace is inside us… if you pursue your passions and dreams you will achieve that state of content where you will once again look at the world with twinkles in your eyes and know that everything is possible.

Side note: in grade school my Gr. 8 teacher Mr. Pescnye told us that the word “impossible” is simply a typing error – it is meant to say “I’m possible” and if we start reading it as that we can prove how endless the possibilities really are.


xx goodnight


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