5 things you must do in Rio De Janeiro

As Easter weekend is just around the corner  – I thought I would share with you how I spent Easter […]

As Easter weekend is just around the corner  – I thought I would share with you how I spent Easter in April 2010.

While Brazil is a country that I know is stunning and has many cities to visit, as well as one of the world’s largest waterfalls, there is a lot to see I will have to return for. Last Easter, I simply flew down for the weekend (wouldn’t recommend changing hemisphere’s for three days unless you have to) to see my 7th and final world wonder (Christ Redeemer), and quickly fell in love with Rio De Janeiro, the city, its people, and the lifestyle.


So here are the five things I would recommend you have to do (though I am sure there are hundreds more) if you only have a few days in this beautiful city:


1. Take a tour to see Corcovado – this magnificent statute (and one of the official world wonders) is currently being cleaned up in lieu of the upcoming games but it still stands majestic perched on its hill over looking the city.


Source: http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/sites/country/brazil.php


2. Take the Cable Car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain – the views from here are breathtaking – giving you a panoramic scope of the beauty that is Rio De Janeiro – you can see the ocean entering into the river, the waves meeting with the beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema and you are able to watch the city unfold into the foothills of the rolling hills and valleys that surround Rio. Amazing <3


View from Sugar Loaf Mountain at Dusk


3. Spend a day at Copacabana or Ipanema Beach enjoying the sun while everything you could possibly need gets delivered to you while you lounge and tan on your beach towel. Whether you need a new bikini, a sarong, dress, shoes, hats, fresh grilled shrimp, watermelon, fresh fried chicken or a beverage: Rio De Janeiro has redefined what beach vendors are capable of.

They walk around with large parasols advertising their merchandise or portable barbecues to perfect your meal according to your specified needs – amazing :) I personally preferred the $1 Caipirinhas

Copacabana : All you need is sunscreen 


4. Get on a boat, any boat! Whether it be a ship, tourist boat, zodiac, kayak or pedal boat make sure you see the city from the water – Rio De Janeiro has great beaches and you really appreciate them more when you see their length and grandeur from across the water. Not to mention that their marina is one of the prettiest I have ever seen. You will feel like a rockstar sailing around this beautiful city, I promise.

I was fortunate enough to make friends at the beach who had a sail boat – nothing cooler than coming home and having bragging rights about sailing around Rio De Janeiro and it’s beaches.


Marina Da Gloria – Rio De Janeiro


5. Enjoy and Embrace. Rio De Janeiro is one of the sexiest cities in the world: and I say this because everything is beautiful and people are passionate about all aspects of everyday life. Sure there is a lot of plastic surgery, but people of all sizes stroll the beach confidently, walk the streets with a sway in their hips, and dance at every given opportunity. It really felt to me like a city celebrating, everyone was polite, the Caipirinhas were flowing and there was countless tanned and toned bodies everywhere.

Both day and night this city is full of life, music and laughter. Whether you stand back and admire and jump into the action you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time in a city too beautiful for it’s own good.

So go on – go to Rio De Janeiro – especially if you like me are constantly chasing the tan – don’t forget your sunscreen, and while you’re there indulge a little and spend the $1 on the beach to have a Cairpirinha in my name.





xx lil miss planet

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